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Your kitchen is one of your most frequently utilized spaces. Make it you're favorite part of your home! Suszynski Construction’s relationship with custom cabinet makers allows you to design the kitchen of your dreams. We know that each time you entertain, everyone gathers in your kitchen. We have many creative ideas to help you design the perfect kitchen for everyday use and entertaining. Additionally, updating your kitchen adds appeal and value.

Almost ten years ago, we asked Todd Suszynski Construction if they would remodel the master bathroom in our old century home. He and his crew listened to our ideas and were very attentive to the details. During construction, we appreciated that they kept the rest of the house neat and clean. The finished bathroom turned out far nicer than we ever expected.

Since then, Todd has graciously and professionally handled all our construction projects. Todd’s crew always made the job look easy and beautiful. We are proud to show off all the work completed by Suszynski Construction. They are the best!

— Beth and Bob E., Chardon

The item that impressed me most about Suszynski Construction wasn’t the quality of the work or the coordination of sub-contractors and deliveries, (all of these were fantastic), but the dedication of the work crew. The crew arrived on the job site on time and ready to work in a highly professional manner. The project was completed on time without any delays.

— Allyn D. M., Chardon

Suszynski Construction remodeled our kitchen, and added a new addition to our home, including a new family room and master bedroom and bath. From the beginning, Todd impressed us with creative ideas for the use of our space. During construction, they met a short deadline to make our new kitchen workable within two weeks, and finished the rest of the addition on time. After each work day, the yard and work areas were clean and uncluttered. Since then, we have used Suszynski Construction on other remodeling projects at our office in Lake County.

— Barbara and Matthew K., Chardon

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